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The BDF travel fund for PROFESSIONAL COMPETITORS was set up to help with the couple's expenses when they represent Great Britain at the World or European Championships when nominated by the British Dance Council.   Each year the British Dance Council may nominate its top two couples to the WDC World and European Ballroom, Latin American, Ten Dance, Ballroom Show Dance and Latin American Showdance.

During the twenty years since the fund was set up the BDF and its supporters have contributed in excess of £36000 towards travel costs.

Today the BDF Executive Committee continue to give their time and expertise voluntarily to organise many events including the Night of 100 Stars, The Star Ball, The Star Championships amongst others to raise funds to continue to support the travel fund.

The BDF pay upto 50% of the travel expenses for those competitors who are members of the BDF for at least six months prior to the date of travel.

The BDC and BDF are looking for support to boost this fund and would be grateful for your support to this British Dance Council’s initiative inviting you to become a sponsor of the Travel Fund. Any amount however small is valuable to this cause and all contributions would be gratefully accepted by both the British Dance Council and the Ballroom Dancers' Federation

Sponsors may be individuals, companies or associations, in fact anyone that has an interest in dance. If you would like to sponsor professional competitors representing Great Britain and wish your name to be included on the British Dance Council website once you have made your donation to the Ballroom Dancer's Federation's travel fund please email your first name and surname to Snieguole Wood, Treasurer BDF for inclusion on the BDC list.  email: snieguole.wood@me.com

Sponsorship Donations to be sent direct to the BDF


With a big thank you to the Sponsors so far:

P. Anderson

Bryan Allen

Blackpool Entertainment Company  Ltd.

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Michael Conway 


Philip Perry

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